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Welcome to Chris Hayman Butchers

We consider ourselves to be very much a traditional family butchers, but with a modern outlook.

We continue to select our carcass stock based on quality, breed, age and confirmation to ensure we always have the perfect stock to hang, until its ready for us to butcher by hand.

This gives us not only a full selection of cuts across multiple species, but most importantly full control over the quality that our customers have come to expect over the years.

kitchen ready



Popular Products

Lamb – Rack of lamb

French trim rack of Welsh lamb the ultimate centre piece for a special occasion origin: Welsh uk7105/7099 uk7105/7044

Black pudding

Homemade, own recipe black pudding Contains – Wheat Gluten, Milk

Gammon Corner Joint

Beef – Rib eye steaks

Dry aged rib-eye steaks, a fattier steak cut producing excellent flavour and succulence. Best served medium to render down the internal fat origin:Welsh/UK (uk7105/uk8165) (uk/7105uk7040)

Beef – Sirloin steak

Dry aged sirloin steak, our most popula steak cut given a combination of great flavour and tenderness origin:Welsh/UK (uk7105/uk8165) (uk/7105uk7040)

Beef – Fillet

Aged fillet steak, renowned for is soft, tender and texture. Left whole is the ultimate centre piece or for a classic beef wellington origin:Welsh/UK (uk7105/uk8165) (uk/7105uk7040)