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    Popular Products

    Lamb – Rack of lamb

    French trim rack of Welsh lamb the ultimate centre piece for a special occasion origin: Welsh uk7105/7099 uk7105/7044

    Black pudding

    Homemade, own recipe black pudding Contains – Wheat Gluten, Milk

    Gammon Corner Joint

    Beef – Rib eye steaks

    Dry aged rib-eye steaks, a fattier steak cut producing excellent flavour and succulence. Best served medium to render down the internal fat origin:Welsh/UK (uk7105/uk8165) (uk/7105uk7040)

    Beef – Sirloin steak

    Dry aged sirloin steak, our most popula steak cut given a combination of great flavour and tenderness origin:Welsh/UK (uk7105/uk8165) (uk/7105uk7040)

    Beef – Fillet

    Aged fillet steak, renowned for is soft, tender and texture. Left whole is the ultimate centre piece or for a classic beef wellington origin:Welsh/UK (uk7105/uk8165) (uk/7105uk7040)